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The strength of the company is strong, mainly to produce and sell three floors of solid wood floors, solid wood and laminate floors,Give priority to. The company has first-class production equipment: automatic German halma, power and other laminate floor.The production line. Has the enterprise independent research and development center, to the product design and the craft carries on the unceasing development and Innovation. With a number of brand plate enterprises to form strategic partners, with an annual output of 10 million square meters.The ability to strengthen the floor. Has the high efficiency rigorous management system, the product in the strict quality control and Perfect after-sales service system has been exported to more than 40 countries and regions. The company gathers all kinds of advantageous resources.The pound roll out of "handeng floor" mainly to "focus on environmental protection" as the brand appeal, will be the Internet Marketing as the future development direction.

公司实力雄厚,主要以生产和销售三层实木地板、 实木多层和强化地板为主。公司拥有一流的生产 设备:全自动德国豪迈、威力等强化地板生产线。 拥有企业自主研发中心,对产品的设计和工艺进 行不断地开发和创新。与多个品牌板材企业形成 战略合作伙伴,具有年产1000万平方米强化地板 的能力。拥有高效严谨的管理体系,产品在严格 的质量监控和完善的售后服务体系下远销四十余 个国家与地区。 公司集各种优势资源,重磅推出的“汉登地板” 主要以“专注环保”为品牌的诉求,将互联网营销作为未来的发展方向。


Corporate culture is not a pretty slogan on a wall; Here, it is the code of conduct of all hendon people, an important guarantee for product competitiveness and team execution, and an inexhaustible driving force for the continuous growth of the enterprise.

○ Brand mission 品牌使命:为千家万户带来简约、匠心、健康、亲民的家居

○ Brand vision 品牌愿景:成为世界一流的,受人尊敬的地板品牌 

○ Brand values 品牌价值观:履行社会责任,实现可持续性发展

○ Brand motto 品牌格言:找办法是成功者,找借口是失败者
○ Product features 产品特点:高硬度、高耐磨、低吸水率,品质保障


  • Style
    Contracted style
  • Spirit
    Originality spirit
  • Life
    A healthy life
  • Quality
    Populist high quality
  • 汉登地板荣誉证书
  • 汉登地板荣誉证书
  • 汉登地板荣誉证书
  • 汉登地板荣誉证书
  • 汉登地板荣誉证书
  • 汉登地板荣誉证书